Important News…

May 5, 2011

Thanks to a timely piece of information, not to mention dedication and finely-honed skills…it looks like I have a shot at my first real library job!

Oh, and Osama Bin Laden is dead. That’s cool, too… Probably more important in the grand scheme of things, and I wish I had some insight to share, but I don’t. I’ve been too damn busy with riding the bus back and forth across the river – because the opening is at the Ft. Vancouver Library District. (From St. Johns, I could just ride my bike but I didn’t want to risk getting lost/showing up late.)

The other reason is that I am no longer obliged to grind out pithy words of wisdom against the clock, every time some noteworthy event occurs…to look for some “local angle,” some tangential connection supposed to bring it home to the reader. I would have said “…no longer inclined to,” but the fact is that the want departed before the need…

Finally, I just don’t have anything to say on the topic that hasn’t already been expressed by real foriegn policy bloggers like Juan Cole or Dan Drezner… or by Spencer Ackerman and Conor Friedersdorf, both of whom I’m pleased to see are taking this opportunity to call bullshit on the idea that “we have to” torture detainees to win the War on Terra. Well, it wasn’t Jack Bauer tactics that finally got us bin Laden, and anyone who thinks this country should torture, or that it works, can kindly STFU.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of a man wearing mascara: