Red wine for red states?

October 27, 2009

From the blog of J. Bradford DeLong, economist, the latest dispatch from the front lines of the Culture Wars. A colleague, deep in the heart of West Texas, discovers that even the hubcap-belt-buckle crowd enjoy a good vintage. The money quote:

I remark how ironic it is that liberals from the East like me are always excoriated by Texas Republican types for being wine snipping snobs. His indelible response: “Most liberals have really shitty taste in wine…”

Heh … Because Eric Lemelson the environmental lawyer and major Measure 49 donor, or Nancy Ponzi the organizer and fundraiser for migrant worker health care, or, y’know, the rest of those NIMBY activist types out here in Yamhill County, Oregon, are widely known for their abysmal taste in wine, you betcha…

Well, liberal or conservative, at least we can all agree wine tastes good with barbecue.


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