Ultralove Ninja

October 19, 2009

Right, now that I have your attention…

The above was the title of a cool little Flash animation that was making the rounds … oh, back in ’02 or so, before I headed out to the sagebrush country to join the working press. And, since nothing is ever truly lost on the Intarwebs (just ask anyone who’s been in nudie photos), I wasn’t too terribly surprised to see it turn up on YouTube. Below, in its ninjaliciousness:

Takes you right back to the days of Web 1.0, don’t it? That used to be on the main page of some computer animation studio known as MK12, with a link to this whole (fake) backstory about how it wasn’t really their idea, the song was actually the main title theme for a mid-’80’s Cannon Films release, still in pre-production when the studio went bankrupt …

Well, I went off to become the Doctor of Journalism that I am today, and those fine folks at MK12, what do you think they did? Go on, guess.

So, if anyone who works there comes across this — how long do we have to wait for “Ultralove Ninja: The Motion Picture” (feat. Michael Dudikoff)? C’mon guys, we can make this happen…

Hell, if I’d been thinking straight I’d have named this very blog Ultralove Ninja! Catchy titles like that do NOT come along every day.


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