That’s what s/he said…

October 13, 2009

Hm, what to blog about today? … what strongly-held beliefs do I strive to present to the world, wrapped in the mantle of elegant prose?

Should I reflect on my deep and abiding love of reading, and the essential role that books have played — and continue to play — in my life? Oh, wait, it’s been done.

Here’s a thought: Monty Python’s Flying Circus makes you smarter, and an appreciation of their work is the mark of a civilized person? Nope, scratch that one…

Couldn’t it be said that almost any random blogger would make a better opinion writer than the tripe they publish in the Washington Post? Could be said, and has been —definitively so, in fact.

Is it time to reveal the awful truth, that the maggot which crawled out the end of Rush Limbaugh’s dick is named Glenn Beck? Too late!

Damn you people — Get out of my mind!

UPDATE: Yet another of my ideas stolen…


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