The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

June 17, 2009

… but apparently, it will be Twittered. My hopes are with the pro-Moussavi protesters as they fight against theocracy, and I applaud them for their courage. It’s especially noteworthy that this movement is made up of my contemporaries, the Iranian Generation X. Every generation needs a new revolution, as Jefferson put it.

On a related note, it’s hard not to see this as the day the foriegn correspondent became obsolete. Journalism experts have talked about how the future of legacy media is online news aggregation. Well, the future is now. As one such expert, Clay Shirkey, recently pointed out: this time around, the whole world REALLY IS watching. And they’re not tuned to CNN.

To see what I’m talking about, visit The Daily Dish. for tweets, links and videos from the streets of Tehran.

Also, because I can:


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